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thermal transfer ribbon

Thermal transfer ribbon for using printing label PP PVC nylon wash care etc… in the area of Comercial/low industry, Automotive, chemical drum, laboratory, electronic components, harsh environment, hazardous material, health care, shrink wrap, signage, tracking, cloth industry, label.

general ribbon and label recommendations - FULIHUA

general ribbon and label recommendations

Ribbon Roll Constituent - FULIHUA

Ribbon Roll Constituent

standard test label format - FULIHUA

standard test label format

structure components - FULIHUA

structure components

thermal transfer ribbon wax - FULIHUA

thermal transfer ribbon wax

thermal transfer ribbon - FULIHUA

thermal transfer ribbon

TTR resin ribbon - FULIHUA

TTR resin ribbon


TTR wax


thermal transfer ribbon wax

wax ribbons - FULIHUA

wax ribbons

applications laboratory - FULIHUA

applications laboratory

before delivery inspection - FULIHUA

before delivery inspection

coating and slit - FULIHUA

coating and slit

coating workshop - FULIHUA

coating workshop

packing - FULIHUA


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slitting machines

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workshop - FULIHUA


Thermal Transfer Ribbon

typeapplicationmedium which can print on
waxComercial/low industryordinary paper&standard chrome paper smooth paper ticket tag
wax/resinIndustry or other professionsPaper ,PET,PP,PVC.PE
resinAutomotive,chemical drum,laboratory,electronic component,harsh environment,hazardus material,health care,shrink wrap,signate,trackingPaper ,synthetic paper,PVC card, PETcard(PET,PP,PVC)
washer care ribboncloth industry,labelnylon label for cloth,carpet and so on ,polyester
No.1General wax ribbon
Premium wax ribbon
best wax ribbon
No.2General wax/resin ribbon
Premium wax/resin ribbon
No.3General resin ribbon
Premium resin ribbon
No.5washer care resin ribbon
No.6hot stamping foil
No.7Near edge wax/resin ribbon
Our standard width for thermal transfer ribbon is 40mm,50mm ,60mm,70mm,80mm,90mm,100mm,110mm etc.
and our standard length is 300 m, 450m etc.

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